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  • Q: Do you charge a fee for the first meeting?

    A: The first time we sit down together is all about seeing if we’re the right fit for each other. We hope you’ll come in with many questions, so you can get to know us, understand our process, and decide if our services are what you are looking for. There is no charge for this meeting.

  • Q: What services do you offer?

    A: We guide you through every aspect of your personal finances. Our menu of services includes managing your investments, planning for your retirement, college funding, estate planning, and many others. We’re also here to help you with protection needs, such as life, disability and long term care insurance.

  • Q: What are your credentials?

    A: Bob has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional for more than 20 years. Although many advisors call themselves financial planners, CFP® professionals have met extensive training and experience requirements, and must regularly complete additional training to maintain certification. Those who have earned this designation are held to rigorous ethical standards by the CFP Board.

  • Q: Do I need to have a certain amount of assets to invest?

    A: It’s more important to us that our clients be fully committed to the process of getting their financial lives in order. For many, this commitment is triggered by a life event: rolling over a 401(k) plan, recognizing the need to start saving for their child’s college education, seeing the struggles of older family members who didn’t plan for their retirement or extended care. When that moment comes, we will help you get started.

  • Q: How often do you check in with your clients?

    A: We typically have one-to-one conversations with our clients four times a year, but your needs would determine how often we get together. Clients also call us for advice whenever questions come up, and we help them sort things out.

  • Q: What if something were to happen to my advisor?

    A: Brandt Wealth Advisors has a business continuity plan in place. This means you will continue to be supported even if something were to happen to one of us. No need to worry about having to start over with a new practice.

  • Q: Why a Great Blue Heron?

    A: The soaring Great Blue Heron is one of the most recognized North American birds. A symbol of sure-footed balance and quiet exploration, the Great Blue waits patiently until an opportunity comes, then strikes swiftly with no hesitation. Majestic and focused with its slow, deep wingbeats, this noble heron looks to be showing the way as it flies its course across the sky.

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