Estate Planning

We will help you put the steps in place to ensure your legacy is carried out according to your wishes.

Many of us avoid talking about the day when our health will decline and we will pass away.  We’d rather enjoy our families, celebrate milestones, plan vacations. But if we can bring ourselves to have that talk, we give ourselves peace of mind and the power to ease the transition for our heirs.

In fact, estate planning is as much about what happens while we are alive as when we are gone. Who has the legal authority to make decisions about our health care if we are unable to make them ourselves? Who can legally manage our financial affairs with our best interests in mind? You can make all these choices and more.

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Will You Be Forced to Retire?


Many people have a pretty good idea of how long they want to work. You may even have a financial plan that assumes you’ll retire at a certain age.